Who is the general contractor?

Do you know what role this person plays? If not, you’re going to have many unpleasant surprises during your renovation. The general contractor(GC) is the entity that assumes responsibility for the overall project. They make sure that where one trade leaves off, the next will be able to seamlessly continue on with their job. If you have not signed a document binding your contractor to this role, then YOU, by default, become the general contractor.
Why is this important? Many different trade skills are required to renovate a room top to bottom. A typical bathroom renovation will require a plumber, a drywall/backer-board installer, a tile-setter, a painter and maybe an electrician. Each tradesman will have a different way of doing things. Often there is a large discrepancy between contractors as to what constitutes the exact responsibilities of that contractor. When that happens on the same job, the small, but necessary, in-between jobs do not get assigned and the whole show grinds to a halt until the general contractor can solve the problem.
Having an experienced GC can avoid delays, budget over-runs and can dramatically improve quality control over the final product. Often they have established many relationships throughout their industry and they enjoy discounts from suppliers that would not be available to the public.

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