Pick the right size

There are many different sizes of contracting company and they all do business differently. So how can you choose the right one?
First understand that generally, the larger the contractor, the more overhead they have to maintain every month. More payroll, higher rents, ancillary expenses, etc. For that reason it is important to hire the right size contractor for the size of the job.
Look at it this way… There’s a contractor you’re considering to renovate your bathroom. He runs the type of company that is typically involved in larger projects that run a minimum of $100k. This is not uncommon, there are many companies of this size in any large city. A typical bathroom can be renovated for, at minimum, $5k including all expenses.
What will be his/her commitment level to a project as small as yours? Assuming he even bothered to come out to see you at all. Most home owners get frustrated at the lack of response given by contractors. Most won’t give you the time of day, it seems, unless there’s at least $20k to spend. So ask how many employees make up the company. FYI At the time this was written, 1-Call employs 4 workers plus one administrative staff
Be careful also not to aim too low either, many disreputable contractors exist out there. Reputable contractors usually are listed with the BBB or the Canadian Homebuilder’s Association. Simply put, avoid any contractor that connot provide referrals or some corroboration of their quality.

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